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About the Code Crunchers...

...A team of 4 sophomores, 5 juniors. Each has at least a year of programming experience. Some have taken the AP Computer Science exam. The team also includes 2 seniors doing 'special topics' in programming.

They are working on JavaScript and PHP app designs with a bit of Python3 prototyping as well in a full-year course.

They are likely to explore the Processing platform to get some animations going!

Last update: 12/10/19

Current Development Stages:

Mid-December 2019

Based on feedback from students playing the first installment of 'Yahtzee,', our senior developers developed a new stage, which is wired up here.

For comparison purposes, the original version is still available.

Last update: 12/10/19

Mid-October 2019

Students made big improvements on the previous stage layout/appearance with a generous portion of CSS.

This developmental stage include a 'Toggle Password' app that is now housed at Tech Novice as 'Password-Peek-A-Boo', and a JS Yahtzee prototype that is currently being beta tested.

Work is underway on a 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' app improvement from 'Former Digs.' That app is also at Tech Novice, but is currently password-protected until the students get it upgraded! see if you can play yet!

Last update: 12/10/19

Late August 2019

Students began the year working up a 'shell' of HTML5 and CSS3 to house work being done in JavaScript.

This inital stage included an 'Alien Language' app that is housed at Tech Novice, but WAIT! it was written in PHP!

Last update: 12/10/19