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About our former sites...

We went on a sort of 'archeological dig' to find some of the work we've done recently in various classes. We wanted to show samples of student (and teacher!) learning, however primitive.

Much of the effort has been to make our web pages 'responsive': able to conform to any platform (desktop, mobile, tablet) or any orientation (landscape, portrait).

By having these designs 'live' we can test them in various arenas.

Polished work, in many cases, was migrated to Tech Novice. Some work has yet to have been polished, or moved.

Note: If you 'dig down' into a previous site and need to get back to this page, in most cases the masthead icon will bring you back here. If it doesn't repeated presses of the 'back button' should do the trick.

Last update: 10/09/19

Previous Sites:

Web Programming: Summer 2019

Coming Soon!

Web Programming: 2018-19


  1. 'JS Sorting App' uses the 'Bootstrap' framework for accelerated CSS styling and JS functionality.
  2. 'Pet Rock' is code from several years ago, but was resurrected in January 2019. It needs to be integrated into the fabric of a site and cleaned up substantially.

Web Programming: Summer 2018, Sessions 1 and 2
  1. July 2018
  2. June 2018